Danielle's story

In 2013/14 you helped us to provide over 6,600 children and young people with cancer, and their families, vital emotional, practical, financial and clinical support.

Thanks to you, we could support young cancer patients like Danielle, 17, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 14.

Danielle's story

Danielle and her parents had to travel to Bristol from Northern Ireland to meet with a consultant. They wanted to get more information about the type of brain tumour she had, after two years of treatment with no real sign of improvement.

The new diagnosis meant Danielle needed a biopsy in June 2013 and six weeks of radiotherapy in November 2013.

To help with the costs of travelling, Danielle’s CLIC Sargent Social Worker, Simon, organised a £250 CLIC Sargent Grant. Danielle says: “Simon was amazing and the money was one less thing for my parents to worry about”

Danielle and her mum Amanda were also able to stay in CLIC Sargent's Bristol Home from Home, CLIC House, whilst she had her radiotherapy. 

CLIC House provided a safe environment for Danielle and a sense of home for the family.  At Christmas, Danielle’s dad Brian and 15-year-old sister Rebecca stayed at CLIC House for two weeks.

Danielle says: “My diagnosis has had a big impact on the whole family, so, being able to spend Christmas together at CLIC House meant a lot”.

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