Crerar Hotels Trust

The Crerar Trust is a proud supporter of CLIC Sargent. Their partnership has been established for many years and has made a positive impact on the children, young people with cancer and their families.

The Crerar Trust continues to support CLIC Sargent through the provision of our two fabulous Homes from Home in Scotland - CLIC Villa in Edinburgh and Cruachan House in Glasgow. 

About the Homes from Home in Scotland

During treatment which can last up to three years, normal everyday life is turned upside down. Families are separated for long periods of time, travel long distances for treatment and hospital appointments, with extra costs like paying for petrol soon adding up.

Our research shows that children and young people receiving treatment in Scotland can make an average round trip of 66 miles to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill) in Glasgow and 62 miles for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

Opened in 2000, Cruachan House has seven bedrooms and last year there were 166 family stays, averaging 16 days each up to a maximum of around seven months.

CLIC Villa was opened in 1998 with nine bedrooms.  Last year there were 242 family stays, averaging almost two months each up to a maximum of around three and a half months.

Without the vital year on year support of The Crerar Trust then CLIC Sargent would not have been able to offer such a vital and much needed to service to families in Scotland.

About Crerar Hotels Trust

Crerar Hotels Trust is a charitable trust funded by the Crerar Hotel Group Ltd. 

Giving back to local communities to improve the quality of everyday lives is at the heart of Crerar Hotel Group, and therefore, each year entrusts almost half of its distributable profits to the Crerar Hotels Trust for distribution throughout Scotland and northern England.

Crerar Hotels Trust Chairman and Chief Executive of Crerar Hotel Group Paddy Crerar said: “It’s our customers that are making the difference to everyday lives. Without their patronage we could give nothing back,”

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To find out how you and your business can help support children and young people with cancer, please contact our Corporate Fundraising team by emailing: