CLIC Sargent's Big Bags

CLIC Sargent Big Bags are designed to be given to parents and carers of children aged 0-15, by a CLIC Sargent Social Worker at the initial meeting with the family, often just hours after a cancer diagnosis.

CLIC Sargent's Big Bags

Often families have been rushed to hospital after a cancer diagnosis, without the opportunity to go home first. They arrive with only what they have on them, and completely unprepared for a hospital stay. 

CLIC Sargent's Big Bags are packed with valuable items to help parents cope in the first few days. They include a washbag with essential toiletries such as a toothbrush and shampoo, hot drinks sachets and a cuddly toy. These items are intended to support and offer comfort to parents and carers through their first few days in hospital.

"The Big Bag was a real godsend; it meant the world to us. It had so many thoughtful things in it, even tissues for when you needed a cry."

The roomy holdall bags also contain What now? - CLIC Sargent’s booklet to help parents manage the impact of their child’s diagnosis on the family’s everyday life, and a CLIC Sargent diary to support parents and carers to manage appointments and medical information

The unique service was rolled out UK-wide in June 2016 after a successful pilot launch in seven hospitals.

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For more information, please ask your CLIC Sargent social worker or call the Information team on 0300 330 0803.