CLIC Sargent Nurse Karen

CLIC Sargent nurse Karen is urging everyone to donate to CLIC Sargent’s Smiles at Christmas appeal with The Sun. 

Karen is one of 51 nurses funded by CLIC Sargent, who carry out their roles thanks to generous donations from the public. She has treated hundreds of children with cancer since she qualified in 2003 and her position is part-funded by CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent Nurse Karen

Keeping families together

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, they are often treated in a specialst centre, many miles from where they live. This travel is expensive and keeps families apart. CLIC Sargent nurses can travel to children who are being treated for cancer, to give them chemotherapy and other medications at home.  They can also arrange for treatment to be delivered locally, so families can avoid travelling and stay together wherever possible. 

Making a difference

It’s people like Karen - who are on call on Christmas Day and Boxing Day - who make a real difference to the lives of children with cancer. 

Karen, said: “We do more than give treatments. CLIC Sargent nurses are there from the time of diagnosis until the end of a child’s treatment. We’re a familiar face for the children and their families. We offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.

“We also offer palliative care. The hardest part of the job is losing a child. You never get over that. But it is very rewarding. Seeing the children get better really makes it for me.”

Harry’s story

Harry Lucas, five, a leukaemia patient from Isle of Sheppey, Kent, has been treated by nurse Karen since he was diagnosed in July 2015. She travels to his house  to administer chemotherapy. Every time he has a treatment, Karen awards him with a bead of courage - and Harry has metres of them now. 

Lego fan Harry said: “I love when Karen comes. She gives me stickers and beads after giving me by medicine and makes me laugh.”

His dad, Gary, 47, a traffic planning manager, said: “Karen has made a huge difference to us. She’s always been there for us. We’d be lost without her - and the fact she delivers his chemo at home is a huge benefit to us. It saves us money, time and makes Harry more comfortable.”

You can help

CLIC Sargent will be supporting 3,800 children with cancer over the festive period and it costs £1,050 to fund a CLIC Sargent nurse for a week. 

CLIC Sargent CEO Kate Lee said: “Our nurses are an integral part of the service we offer. They make a huge difference to the lives of families affected by cancer.

“Thanks to them, many children will be able to receive nursing support and treatment at home and not in hospital over the festive period. 

“Please donate generously to help CLIC Sargent keep more children and families together this Christmas.”