CLIC Sargent Home from Home Manager

Ann Grady works at CLIC House, one of CLIC Sargent's Homes from Home in Bristol. Ann started off as a volunteer before securing a job as a housekeeper at CLIC House. Since then, she’s been promoted and is now the House Manager. 

Ann Grady - Acting House Manager at CLIC House, Bristol.

"10 years ago I lost my beautiful daughter Molly-Ann to cancer. Molly-Ann and my whole family were supported brilliantly by CLIC Sargent during treatment, as well as after she died, and a couple of years later I decided that I wanted to give something back to the charity." 

Working with CLIC Sargent

"I was offered some volunteer work at CLIC Sargent’s Bristol office and I was amazed by how committed everyone at the charity was. 

"I then got a job as a housekeeper at CLIC House in Bristol, which is one of our ten Homes from Home. CLIC House offers free self-catering accommodation to families who have to travel long distances from all over the South West for their child to be treated at Bristol Children’s Hospital."

CLIC House

"Our free accommodation means that the whole family can stay together during treatment. I’ve been here ever since and I absolutely love my job supporting the children, young people and families that stay with us. 

"Many of the children and young people who stay with us are neutropenic due to the treatment, which means they pick up infections very easily and their life could be threatened as a result. Our cleaning schedule is therefore taken very seriously and is similar to the hospitals’ when they close down a ward."

Supporting families

"It is my job to meet and greet new families as they arrive and ensure they feel welcome and view the house as their home for the duration of their stay.

"Families have been known to stay from one night up to 14 months and have full use of communal kitchens, living-rooms and a family bedroom. Teenagers also have access to their own lounge and there is a self-contained flat on the ground floor.

"The parents that stay here are all at different stages of coping with their child’s illness and so provide a huge support to each other.

"As I have travelled the journey, I really do know how hard it is for families but I also see all the support our fabulous charity does to make that journey a little bit easier and I am really proud to say I work for CLIC Sargent."

Find out more

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