Children's funeral costs

We’ve campaigned for a children’s funeral fund so families don’t have to worry about trying to meet the cost of their child’s funeral at the toughest time.

Children's funeral costs

Too many people can’t afford a funeral when someone they love dies. The death of a child is something that parents are completely emotionally and financially unprepared for.

With two in three parents in debt as a result of their child’s cancer diagnosis, funerals can be a difficult additional cost to bear.

This is why CLIC Sargent has been urging the government to create a children’s funeral fund to cover the cost of children’s burial and cremation fees across the UK and relieve a considerable financial burden on grieving parents.

CLIC Sargent has been campaigning on this issue with Carolyn Harris, MP for Swansea East and Quaker Social Action, who directly support people struggling with funeral costs through their Down to Earth service and run the national Fair Funerals campaign to tackle the underlying causes of funeral poverty.

Campaign success - we did it!

Since we launched our campaign, almost 2,000 of you contacted your MP about the need to create a Children’s Funeral Fund.

In March 2017, the UK’s leading national funeral provider Co-op Funeralcare announced that it will extend its free child funeral policy to include 16 and 17 year-olds.

The Welsh Government has also announced that bereaved parents will no longer have to pay burial charges for children in Wales.

In November 2017 the Department for Work and Pensions committed to making improvements to the Social Fund’s Funeral Expenses Payment Scheme to help those accessing the scheme for financial support for children’s funerals.

Finally in April 2018, the Prime Minister announced a Children’s Funeral Fund for England for grieving parents who have lost their child. 

As a result of your support, grieving families will no longer have to deal with the worry and financial burden of paying for their child’s funeral when they are emotionally and often financially at rock bottom. 

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There is still so much more to do, help us to continue fighting for change by becoming a campaigner.

We’re also supporting the Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Bill for parents who lose a child under the age of 18.