Carol's Story

How did you start volunteering?

Once my children started full-time school I wanted to use my brain again, but found it difficult to find paid employment that gave me the flexibility I needed around school holidays and school pick-ups or drop-offs. Volunteering seemed like the perfect answer. My brother had childhood cancer so CLIC Sargent was an obvious choice for me, especially as their offices were a short cycle away. There happened to be a vacancy in the HR office, an area I had experience in, so I started more or less straight away.

What does your role involve?

The HR Office is a busy one, involving a lot of administration. The team really needed help to keep on top of all the paperwork, and I am also involved in project work, such as reviewing the process for referencing, and researching various HR policies. I volunteer three mornings a week, though this is very flexible, and I am always made to feel like an important member of the team.

What motivates you to volunteer?

CLIC Sargent is not my first experience of volunteering. I helped run the Parent Teacher Association at my children’s school and I also do other volunteering within my local community. I have a lot of time to give but it needs to be very flexible - that’s why volunteering appeals so much. It provides stimulation, company and a ‘feel-good’ feeling, but on terms that suit my routine. I would urge any parent in my situation to give it a go.