Cancer derails children and young people’s futures

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A cancer diagnosis affects so much more than a young person's health. Their education, relationships and futures can be severely disrupted by their treatment and its side effects. We need to do more to help the 11 children and young people who will receive a devastating cancer diagnosis today get their lives back on track.

Cancer derails children and young people’s futures

Three in five young cancer patients we asked agreed that having cancer had presented barriers to their education, and 60% don’t know what to write about cancer in their CVs.

Alastair had to defer his university degree to cope with the emotional impact of his cancer treatment. He stars in our short video to highlight the hidden costs of cancer.

Minimising the disruption

Young cancer patient Lola

Having already gone through cancer, we don’t think it right or fair that young people should face these challenges. CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly to minimise the disruption cancer has on young people’s education and employment, so they are not held back and feel positive about their future.

Life at school was hard for young cancer patient Lola, who was teased for her hair falling out after treatment. Her CLIC Sargent Nurse, Jane, made life better:

“She conducted Lola’s finger prick in front of her peers, she knew it would earn her respect from them and Lola became a little hero at school after that.”

Finance sector partner

We need a finance sector partner to transform the way we deliver our services, making them more digitally accessible and allowing us to reach so many more families in the future. 

Together we will help young cancer patients to thrive, not just survive – we can’t do it without you!

Join our fight

If you work in the finance sector, or know someone that does, join our fight today by contacting the team on or call 020 8750 2808.