Cancer costs campaign

The financial cost of cancer in children and young people can be devastating. We're campaigning for change to ease the financial burden on families.

Cancer costs campaign

Cancer in children and young people is not only frightening, it can also be devastating for families financially.

From the moment the doctor says it’s cancer, unexpected costs can quickly mount up, such as travel to hospitals, car parking, and extra bills.

On average parents spend £600 extra per month.

Many parents are also forced to give up work and can be plunged into debt as a consequence of their child’s cancer.

We don’t think this is right or fair. 

Families should not have to face financial hardship because their child has cancer. 

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We're campaigning for change to reduce the financial burden of cancer on children and young people and their families.

Become a CLIC Sargent campaigner today and help us fight for change. 

Campaign update

Since launching the campaign in September 2016, you have helped make incredible progress.

Cancer costs petition

Over 13,000 of you signed our Cancer costs petition urging the government to take action on the financial impact of cancer, which we delivered to No 10 Downing Street in July 2017.

Introduction of a children's funeral fund

Almost 2,000 of you contacted your MP about the need to create a children’s funeral fund, so families don’t have to worry about trying to meet the cost of their child’s funeral at the toughest time.

The Government listened to us, and in April 2018 the Prime Minister announced a Children’s Funeral Fund for England for grieving parents who have lost their child.

Support from energy companies

Our follow-up research into finances highlighted that many parents are struggling to keep up with household energy bills during their child's cancer treatment.

We've launched a partnership with British Gas to help customers who are supported by CLIC Sargent. They can get referred to a specialist team who offer them tailored support with their energy bills.

Scottish Power has also launched a pilot scheme in Glasgow as a result of our research, providing support to families who may be struggling with their energy bills.

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