Cancer and fertility: real life stories

Daisy, Kate and Byron share their real life experiences surrounding cancer and fertility.

Early menopause - Daisy's story:

Daisy Turner 27, from Ipswich, diagnosed at 19, shares how she had to talk to her boyfriend Keith about freezing embryos early on in their relationship, and about coping with the psychological impact of going through early menopause. 

Surrogacy - Kate's story: 

Kate Dobb, 39, from Timperly, was diagnosed with cancer aged 10, and was just 13 when doctors told her that she would ‘never be able to have children’. She shares the emotional impact this had on her, and how she and her husband Nisar are now the proud parents of twins conceived with a donor egg and carried by a surrogate.

Sperm banking - Byron's story: 

Byron Geldard, 21, from Huntingdon who was supported by CLIC Sargent after being diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 18, talks about sperm banking.

Published: December 2016
Review due: December 2019