Cancer and fertility

Cancer - and some cancer treatments - can affect your fertility, which is the ability to have children. This information should help to address your questions and consider your options. 

Cancer and fertility

Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming, and being asked to think about your fertility at this time can leave you feeling confused, especially if starting a family is the last thing on your mind. 

Here you'll find information to answer your questions, and advice on who to turn to if you need to talk things through.

Watch videos featuring Byron, Daisy and Kate who talk about specific issues around cancer and fertility:

Where this resource talks about men or women, or being male or female, this refers to your biological make-up rather than how you identify as a person. We understand the two may not always match up, but this terminology is used to make sure our information is clear and inclusive, the options presented are based on what may be possible for you medically.

If you have undergone or started gender reassignment, it’s always best to speak with your consultant or fertility team to get the full picture. 

Published: December 2016
Review due: December 2019