Callum's story

Callum, aged three, has been fighting cancer since he was 11-weeks-old and is spending this Christmas in hospital, as he’s going through a bone marrow transplant. 

Callum at his Christmas celebration wearing a Father Christmas costume


Callum has to take drugs to supress his immune system ahead of his bone marrow transplant. This will leave him really vulnerable to infection, so he’ll be kept in isolation.  

That means that only mummy, daddy and of course Father Christmas will be allowed in to see him on Christmas Day.

Big brother Lucas

Luckily, Callum's big brother Lucas wrote to Father Christmas to let him know that Callum would be in hospital,  and he was able to drop off presents for Callum, Lucas and their little brother Ethan early.  

Thanks to Father Christmas’s special visit, the whole family was able to celebrate Christmas together at home before Callum was admitted to hospital earlier this month.    

Please help children like Callum

Callum’s dad Danny says: “Little boys like Callum and families like ours go through so much during cancer treatment, it is completely overwhelming and you can’t handle it all on your own.   

“Without help from our CLIC Sargent Support Worker Rachel our family would have fallen apart emotionally and financially by now. She’s been absolutely amazing. 

“That’s why we are pleased to be sharing our story in support of CLIC Sargent’s Smiles at Christmas fundraising appeal with the Sun.  

“Please give whatever you can afford this Christmas to CLIC Sargent, because it really can make a difference.”