This section has been written using the real experiences of bereaved parents to support parents and carers when their child dies of cancer.

When your child dies

Being with your child when they die and afterwards is intensely personal, and you are likely to experience very powerful emotions in the hours and days that follow.

Try not to be worried about what is normal or what is expected. It's important for you to be as comfortable as possible and to make choices that are right for you. You may feel calm and have a sense of relief, you may feel very shocked and your emotions may feel out of control. You may feel distress and panic about how you will manage now that your child has died.

The team supporting you and your family will listen to you and will help you in whatever way is right for you. Visit our Publications Library to order or download free information that may help.

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Living without your child

Caring for your dying child can drain you of all your energy. When your child dies you may feel completely exhausted and empty. The thought of living without your child may seem impossible; you can suddenly feel very lost, vulnerable and alone.

Many parents find it difficult to imagine anyone else experiencing what they are going through.

It may also feel as if it's the end of your world and that you will never be happy again. This section touches on the experiences of parents after the death of a child or young person.

Every experience is unique and different, but we hope that you will find words that will help you if you are living without your child.

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