Annual Report 2016-2017

Together, we truly made a difference to young lives this year. We had our best ever year on all fronts, and you can read about it in This is What Making a Difference Looks Like, our Annual Review 2016/17. The challenges we faced, combined with your unwavering support, brought out the best in our incredible CLIC Sargent Team.

Annual Report 2016-2017

Our total income this year was an impressive £27.5 million - 10% more than last year.

We’re ambitious. We want to support all young cancer patients and families who need us. To get there, we know we have to increase our income. And, thanks to you, we’ve achieved a record high this year! 

Download This is What Making a Difference Looks Like - our Annual Review 2016/2017

Download our Annual Report & Accounts 2016/2017

Here are some of the amazing achievements you’ve made happen:

When the doctor says cancer

A cancer diagnosis hits hard. And we’re ready. 

We helped 7,200 young cancer patients and their families, with the financial and practical burdens of a cancer diagnosis. So they could focus on getting better. 

25,700 of our online information resources, leaflets and hospital support bags empowered young cancer patients and their families to cope better with the impact of cancer.

There’s no place like home

Treatment shatters family life. It doesn’t have to.

School runs, bedtime stories and hogging the sofa. It’s not just special occasions that cancer disrupts. But we don’t think it has to be like that.

By providing care closer to home, our nursing teams reduced the disruption cancer treatment had on 1,135 children and young people’s lives. 

CLIC Sargent nurses made 7,400 home visits so families can stay together.  

Our care teams made just under 3,700 visits to children and young people outside of hospital: at home, in CLIC Sargent Homes from Home, and in the community. 

Homes from Home

CLIC Sargent Homes from Home provide a place for families to stay together. They make such a difference at the toughest times, with 90% of children feeling happier because they knew their family was close by.

Amazingly, 92% of parents who stayed with us felt they maintained a sense of normal family life. 

We hosted around 1,240 family stays, helping families avoid paying for travel and accommodation, and saving a family, on average, over £2,100.

Helping young lives thrive, not just survive

Cancer derails futures. We get them back on track.

Young cancer patients’ education, relationships and futures can falter. Being in and out of hospital is the new normal. And watching friends moving on with life without them, as they struggle to keep up and stay in touch, destroys their confidence. We get them back on track.

Our nurses and care teams made 1,960 visits to schools, colleges and universities, so young cancer patients’ educations were not disrupted by visits to the hospital. 

Cancer costs

Cancer devastates families financially. It’s not right or fair.

Cancer devastates families financially. It’s not right or fair.

Cancer costs parents an average £600 extra a month during their child’s treatment. And we don’t think it’s right or fair. CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly for young cancer patients providing grants and unlocking financial support.

The costs of cancer start stacking up from day one, so we give our grants as quickly as possible. This year, we gave around 5,150 grants totalling £1.06 million.

Our welfare advice service responded to 2,340 enquiries, securing around £1.3 million of benefit entitlements, to help alleviate the financial strain of cancer.

When a child dies

If the unthinkable happens, we’re here.

Sadly, 10 children and young people die from cancer every week in the UK. This is one of the hardest things any parent will ever have to deal with. We’re here for families. 

For parents coming to terms with this devastating loss, trying to pay for their child’s funeral, when they may already struggling financially, is enormously stressful. This year, we provided just over 400 compassionate grants totalling £120,450 to help reduce this emotional stress.

To help families come to terms with the loss of a child, at a pace that feels right for them, our care teams provided bereavement support through over 300 home visits and palliative care to around 250 children and young people.

Making change happen

Cancer silences young lives. So we speak up.

We take our fight for young lives to those with the power to make changes. We get young voices heard in the debates around their treatment, care and futures. Because we believe that young cancer patients and their families should have a say in the decisions that affect them. 

Young people and families told us that the cost of cancer devastates them financially. Our research, Cancer costs, found they face an extra £600 a month on average during their child’s treatment. It also revealed that families struggle with their energy bills. We don’t think this is right or fair, so we launched a partnership with British Gas to provide help with debt and other advice.

We spoke out for families struggling to cope with funeral costs, alongside Carolyn Harris MP and Fair Funerals. 

Our campaign saw 2,000 supporters email their MP, and the Welsh Government commit to end burial fees for children. The Cooperative also extended their free funerals to all under 18s, so more families can access free funerals for their child.   

Download This is What Making a Difference Looks Like, our Annual Review.

Thank you

Our work is only possible thanks to all our supporters, volunteers,  ambassadors, celebrities, and the incredibly brave young cancer patients and families we help.  

CLIC Sargent is amazing because of you. Thank you.

A huge thank you to every individual, company, trust or foundation that helped young lives against cancer in 2016/2017. Visit our thank you page to see who they are.