Join our Cancer costs campaign

The financial cost of cancer in children and young people can be devastating. Act now and join our Cancer costs campaign.

Join our Cancer costs campaign

Childhood cancer is not only frightening, it can also be devastating for families financially.

From the moment the doctor says it’s cancer, unexpected costs can quickly mount up, such as travel to hospitals, car parking, and extra bills.

On average parents spend £600 extra per month.

Many parents are also forced to give up work and can be plunged into debt as a consequence of their child’s cancer.

We don’t think this is right or fair. 

Families should not have to face financial hardship because their child has cancer. 

Join our Cancer costs campaign  

Help us stand up for young cancer patients and their families and support our Cancer costs campaign.

Ways to support

  • Tweet your MP - you may want to use the following for your tweet:
. [insert MP's @ Twitter handle], support @CLIC_Sargent #cancercosts campaign. Read the report & ask the PM how she'll address it
  • Text HELP to 70030 to donate £3 or donate online
  • Like and share  - spread the word on social media using the hashtag #cancercosts

Campaign update

Since CLIC Sargent launched the campaign in Parliament in autumn 2016, you have helped us to contact nearly 250 MPs. Over 13,000 of you signed our petition which we handed in to Downing Street in July 2017. 

In December 2016 we surveyed 117 parents about their experiences of energy bills, debt, and banking during treatment. Nearly two-thirds of those in our follow-up survey got into debt during their child's treatment and 62% saw an increase in their energy bills. 57% had issues managing their bank account, the top issue being that they couldn't get to the bank. Support from banks, energy companies and access to welfare benefits were all seen as things that helped. 

We have had lots of engagement with banks, energy companies and politicians across the UK, helping us to raise awareness of the issues faced by families and pledge support for #Cancercosts. In February 2017 we announced new initiative in partnership with British Gas - a referral process for families we support who are British Gas customers, to a specialist team who can offer them tailored support. In October 2017, Scottish Power launched a pilot scheme in Glasgow as a result of our research, which will provide support to families who may be struggling with their energy bills.

We will continue to work with government, energy companies, and financial organisations to ensure that young cancer patients and their families receive the support they need.