Policy and influencing

At CLIC Sargent we fight for change to support children and young people with cancer. We do this through our research and campaigning for policy change. 

Policy and influencing

We raise awareness of children and young people's experiences and champion their voices to politicians and decision makers across the UK. 

We will fight tirelessly for young lives against cancer. 

#Cancercosts campaign

The financial cost of cancer in children and young people can be devastating. Act now - join our Cancer costs campaign and become a CLIC Sargent campaigner today.

From the moment the doctor says its cancer, unexpected costs can quickly mount up, such as travel to hospitals, car parking, and extra bills.

On average parents spend £600 extra per month.

Many parents are also forced to give up work and can be plunged into debt as a consequence of their child’s cancer.

We don’t think this is right or fair. 

Families should not have to face financial hardship because their child has cancer. 

Join our #Cancercosts campaign today!

To find out more about our Policy and Influencing work email: campaigns@clicsargent.org.uk