Lucy's story

Former CLIC Sargent Director of Fundraising Lucy Caldicott has raised £25,000 for CLIC Sargent in memory of her brother Richard, who sadly died aged 19 in a car accident. Here, Lucy tells her story.

Lucy's story

“It really means quite a lot to fundraise in memory - if you lose someone close they’re never gone, they’re always with you. It’s nice to do something public to remember them, it brings them to life for other people.

"It took me quite a long time to decide to set up a Remember Me fund for Richard. I was quite anxious about setting myself up to do a big thing like that publicly. I thought: what if I fail?

“I was spending lots of time with my parents during the summer of 2014 and thinking of all the anniversaries coming up in our family the following year. 2015 was going to mark 25 years since Richard’s death and two of my grandparents would have been 100, plus it was my parents’ Golden Wedding. With all those anniversaries coming up, I wanted do something to show that out of sadness can come positivity.

The highs and lows

“The response from all my friends was amazing; they thought it was really special, which was really touching. 

“I’m an only sibling so I have a big sense of loneliness having lost Richard, plus sticking my neck out to take on the fundraising challenge of trying to raise £25,000 in Richard’s memory felt quite lonely sometimes. 

“That’s why I set up a series of activities under one umbrella - Remembering Richard, with many different events through the year that different people could get involved in.

FUNdraising in memory

“One of the biggest activities was tackling the London LOOP, a 150-mile route which is a circuit of London. I wanted to do something that was more accessible than a marathon.

“Along the way different friends joined in. Some came along for one mile and others came for 15 miles. In total we did 15 walks in a year.

The inspiration

“Part of the inspiration for setting up the fund came from Stephen Sutton’s story. When he died all of us at CLIC Sargent were very close to that story because of the work we do with young people with cancer. He was 19 when he died, like Richard."

Find out more

To find out how you could fundraise for CLIC Sargent in memory of someone, please contact our Supporter Care Line on 0300 330 0803.