Addie's mum Michelle is running the London Marathon

Michelle Potter’s daughter Addie was diagnosed with cancer in March 2011 before going in to remission in January 2012. Throughout Addie’s treatment CLIC Sargent supported the family - and now Michelle is running the London Marathon to raise money for the charity. Here’s her story.

Addie's mum Michelle is running the London Marathon

“Addie was nine when first diagnosed. She was kicked at a football match, although nothing visible she was in pain. I took her to the minor injuries unit and the x-ray showed shadows on her tibia bone. 

“It was sent for a second opinion, a more thorough check. The same afternoon Addie played netball for an hour, coming off the court she did a cartwheel and her leg broke in the place of the shadow. They put her leg in a full cast spending all day and night in hospital. 

“After being seen by various consultants, an MRI scan, and bone biopsy, we were told it was bone cancer of the tibia.

“Addie spent several months in hospital having chemotherapy and surgery. She had four courses of chemotherapy, and then an operation to remove the majority of her tibia bone, which was replaced with a titanium extendable bone. Following two more courses of chemotherapy her leg cast was finally taken off.  Physio was required for a slow recovery process. 

"It was tough integrating back into school with her hair loss. Losing her hair during treatment was tough but having worn a hat for so long throughout treatment, she then struggled with revealing her hair regrowth. Treatment finished Christmas Eve in 2011, and from January 2012 she was in remission. 

“During our time on treatment we were very closely cared for by CLIC Sargent. We were allocated a CLIC Sargent Social Worker, Sam, who came to see us almost every day. 

"She’d often pop in to wave hello, making time for more thorough talks.  Sam introduced herself and explained what CLIC Sargent could do to help. I wasn’t aware of the financial support they offered, what CLIC Sargent was about, the emotional stuff they would do for us. 

Supporting CLIC Sargent

“Since Addie finished treatment she’s been committed to supporting CLIC Sargent including fundraising campaigns and TV stuff too. When I secured a ballot place in the London Marathon it seemed the obvious thing to run for CLIC Sargent. 

“This year I started preparing quite early. I ran a half marathon in November and completed it in two hours nine minutes; I was really pleased with that time! I manage a couple of runs during the week, short and medium length and then at the weekend I have my long run.  I’ve reached 22 miles now and have begun tapering.

“I only set up my fundraising page in January. It’s early days but it’s going in the right direction. I have a couple of simple things planned including a coffee morning and a fundraiser with my netball club.”

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