Pigeon Race for Young Lives takes flight!

Pigeon lofts all around the UK
United Kingdom

Pigeon fanciers from all over the UK have been training their young pigeons before their debut race: The CLIC Sargent Pigeon Race for Young Lives, held in honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Great Pigeon Race

On 2 September thousands of young homing pigeons will be racing hundreds of miles home from the launch in Normandy. The public have been sponsoring pigeons throughout August to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes.

Organiser Martin Newnham said: "My godson Stuart was unfortunately affected by cancer many years ago. I saw first hand how the support from CLIC Sargent helped families during the most traumatic times.

"I’ve had pigeons since I was nine years old - it's viewed as a strange hobby by many people I meet! My children and their friends, who are now grown up, enjoyed seeing them fly free, watching the eggs hatch and the young pigeons grow.

"One of their favourite stories as young children was Mr Potter's Pigeon. The story inspired me to organise a small race from my son's school. The children tied messages to pigeon's legs and the winner won a small cup.

"The CLIC Sargent Pigeon Race for Young Lives is a much bigger version, where lots of people have a chance to get involved to support a great cause and perhaps win a prize!

"It costs CLIC Sargent an average of £4,000 to support a child and their family through treatment. If this pigeon race can hit that target then I would be thrilled!"

Sponsorship entry to the race has now closed, but donations to support the event can still be made on the event’s official JustGiving Page

Find out more

To find out more please contact CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Caroline Marshall on 07717 544 062 or email: caroline.marshall@clicsargent.org.uk.