Pigeon Race for Young Lives 2017

Pigeon lofts all around the UK
United Kingdom

Thousands of young homing pigeons have been training all summer to take part in the great CLIC Sargent Pigeon Race for Young Lives. By sponsoring one or more of these young pigeons you could win a prize while raising money to fight for young cancer patients. Why not have a flutter?

Pigeon Race for Young Lives 2017

Up to 5,000 young homing pigeons, from clubs across the UK, will be released in northern France in a race to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

This sponsored race offers an exciting opportunity for you to win prizes while raising money to help CLIC Sargent stop cancer destroying young lives.

As the pigeons race back to their home lofts across the UK, their times and distances are monitored and the fastest pigeons home will win prizes for their sponsors.

How it works

In this Pigeon Race for Young Lives, each of the sponsorship tickets sold is linked to a unique ring number on each of a young pigeons taking part in the race, and the fastest five pigeons home will be declared winners.

The fastest pigeon home will be calculated based on the distance flown from Coutance, France to their home loft divided by the time taken to complete the race.

The sponsor of the fastest pigeon home will win £100, with runner up prizes of £75 for second, £50 for third, £25 for fourth and £10 for fifth.

Visit the Pigeon Race for Young Lives JustGiving page to participate.

Find out more

To find out more about this fundraising opportunity please contact CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Rachel Webster on 07747 447 544 or email: rachel.webster@clicsargent.org.uk