Wig Wednesday fundraising ideas

Wig Wednesday is all about having fun and getting wiggy with colleagues, friends or classmates. 

What's more, the money you raise will help raise funds in support of children and young people with cancer.

Wig Wednesday fundraising ideas

Great Wig Wednesday Ideas 

'Hair' are some ideas to get you on your way to being a Hair-o and make a wig difference.

1. Super Easy

Donate £2, wear a wig and use the Wig Wednesday sweepstake included in your pack for some fun on the day! 

2. Easy

Nominate the BigWig in your life and make a donation to help them get wiggy with it! Hold a wig lunch to wig up your Hair-o’s!

3. Let's do this

Go big and get everyone you know wearing a wig! With friends, at work or at school. Why not make a ‘wig’ day of it and invite mobile hairdressers to provide hair makeovers, hold bake sales, and a wig gig where you can all rock out in your funky fro’s! 

Share your Wig Wednesday with us!

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to capture all the wig-wearing moments on camera. Tweet your photos to @WigWednesday with #WigWednesday or post them to the CLIC Sargent Wig Wednesday Facebook page.

Find out more

For more information about Wig Wednesday fundraising or to sign up to this year's eventplease contact CLIC Sargent's Wig Wednesday team on 08451 212 492 or email: wigwednesday@clicsargent.org.uk.

We wish you all the best with your fundraising event but don’t forget to keep it safe. Please read our Guidelines to safe fundraising for all the advice you'll need.