Trek and cycle support

Whatever your challenge, whether you are a new challenger or regular challenge junkie, raising the sponsorship for your trek or cycle adventure is something you'll need to plan in advance and start early.

Fundraising support

We'll be on hand to support you with your fundraising from the moment you sign up.

You'll have access to our fundraising guide and we'll be in touch with regular monthly e-newsletters containing updates and fundraising ideas so you will soon be on track to reach your target!

Fundraising materials

We've got all the materials you will need to let everyone know who you're raising money for and why, including:

  • Posters
  • Balloons
  • Bannering
  • T-shirts
  • Pens
  • Collecting tins and buckets

If you need any materials to help with your fundraising then get in touch by emailing us at or calling 0845 124 1188.

Help us keep costs down

Before you order, please think about what resources you really need.

All our resources cost CLIC Sargent money to produce and post, so please wash and re-use t-shirts rather than order more each time you host a new event or collection.

Please return your collection tins and buckets when you've finished so we can send them out to another supporter.

All this helps us to save money which can be used to support children and young people with cancer.

You can do it!

Part of the challenge is raising the sponsorship itself. This can seem very daunting at first but once you get started you will be surprised at how quickly the pennies turn into pounds.

Check ut our useful fundraising guide which is bursting with fundraising ideas

Good luck with your fundraising!

Visit our Training Zone

We're here for when it comes to training too. You have access to our training zone where you can access the perfect training guide for whichever event you've chosen, get top tips to ensure you've got all the kit essentials and get all your questions answered by experts.

Find out more

For more information or advice, please contact our Challenge Events team on 0845 124 1188 or email: