Thanks for supporting CLIC Sargent

CLIC Sargent is thrilled to have Metcalfe’s skinny on board as a corporate partner.

By purchasing Metcalfe's skinny CLIC Sargent Salt Topcorn, you’re helping us to continue to provide clinical, practical and emotional support to children and young people with cancer, and their families.

Metcalfe's skinny pledge

Metcalfe’s skinny has pledged to raise at least £30,000 for CLIC Sargent from the sale of CLIC Sargent Salt Topcorn. To celebrate the three-year partnership, Metcalfe’s skinny has renamed its sea salt popcorn ‘CLIC Sargent Salt’.

For every pack of CLIC Sargent Salt Topcorn sold, Metcalfe’s skinny will make a donation to CLIC Sargent.

Popcorn makes a difference

The money raised from the partnership could pay for vital services such as 1,000 nights in one of CLIC Sargent’s Homes from Home, which provide free self-catering accommodation near to specialist hospitals. Staying in a CLIC Sargent Home from Home means families can stay together, close to their child during their treatment.

Hold a popcorn party!

Invite your friends over for a film night with some Metcalfe’s skinny CLIC Sargent Salt Topcorn, and ask your guests to make a donation to CLIC Sargent.

You could ask everyone to guess how many pieces of popcorn are in the bowl – each person pays to make a guess and the winner keeps the popcorn!

For more information about hosting your own popcorn party please contact Katie Edmonson at

Topcorn retailers

You can get your packet of Metcalfe’s skinny CLIC Sargent Salt Topcorn from retailers including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado, Topshop and Primark. You can also order directly from Metcalfe’s skinny.