Stand by Zofeya

This September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

CLIC Sargent uses this month to raise awareness of the impact of childhood cancer and of our work supporting children and young people with cancer and their families - families like Zofeya's.

Stand by Zofeya

Zofeya's story

Five-year-old Zofeya from Dunstable was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July 2013.

Zofeya's mum Noemi says: “When the doctor said they’d found a brain tumour I was in shock, I thought I misheard them but I hadn’t. That was the moment that everything fell apart. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“It’s funny how cancer takes over your life. It becomes almost normality for you. The vocabulary my daughter has is absolutely amazing; while other children can tell you the names of animals she can tell you all these medical terms because that’s what’s normal for her.”

Zofeya and her family are being supported by CLIC Sargent Social Worker Rachel, who helps provide emotional, financial and practical support as well as advice and information about cancer treatment.

Noemi says: “Rachel came to us really early on and she was just there whenever we needed her, when we needed answers.

"Everything’s a bit overwhelming and we were feeling overloaded with information which we didn’t fully understand. Rachel was great at explaining things to us and letting us know how the whole process worked and what to expect.”

This is why Naomi and her family supports Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Stand by families like Zofeya’s

Show your support and stand by families like Zofeya’s whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer.

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