Policy and influencing

CLIC Sargent believes that influencing policy and service delivery is vital to ensure that children and young people can live their lives to the full during and beyond their cancer diagnosis and treatment – and reach their full potential in adulthood.

Policy and influencing

CLIC Sargent works to raise awareness, influence change and help lessen the impact of childhood cancer. We undertake research into the impact of cancer on children and young people and use this evidence to raise awareness and to seek to influence government and policy-makers, and those who provide public services across the UK, to help change things for the better for children and young people with cancer.

Our influencing priorities are defined by evidence, by the needs of children and young people with cancer and their families and by the ability we have to effect change on the policy issue. We take a strategic approach to research projects, based on our established evidence base, ensuring that we are identifying and filling evidence gaps which then provide a strong platform on which to influence effectively.

Better care for young cancer patients  

CLIC Sargent is campaigning for health and care system change so that young cancer patients get the best possible care and support. Email campaigns@clicsargent.org.uk to register for campaign updates or visit our campaign page to find out more.