Pausing education

If your consultant advises that you are unlikely to be able to attend school, college or university during treatment, you have the option of asking for your place to be kept open.

You, your parents or carer will need to get in touch with your place of education to discuss this with them and let them know you'll not be attending. Remember to discuss the option of keeping your place open.

Try not to worry about this too much as your school, college or university should be sympathetic to your situation and provide you withany support you need. Also, you don’t have to say when you’ll return, as this can be decided in the future, when you know more about your treatment or feel better.

Some young people worry about having to stay back a year, and possibly no longer studying with their friends. This is understandable. But even if this is the case for you, remember that you never know what opportunities could open up to you.

Content last reviewed: November 2015
Next planned review: 2016