In January 2017, Morrisons colleagues voted for CLIC Sargent to be their charity partner for the next three years. Their support will transform the help we can give to young lives facing cancer.


On World Cancer Day, 4 February 2018, CLIC Sargent asked our supporters to band together for young lives against cancer.

Morrisons stores stocked our Band Against Cancer wristbands, which customers could get for a suggested donation of £2.

Hidden costs

On World Cancer Day CLIC Sargent highlighted the hidden costs of cancer and the importance of banding together.

Our Hidden Costs report reveals a cancer diagnosis often affects a young person's mental health, not just their physical health. 79% of young people we surveyed felt cancer had a serious impact on their emotional wellbeing , while 70% of young people experienced depression during their cancer treatment.

"Cancer breaks your self-esteem and leaves you emotionally fragile... if only everybody could understand this like CLIC Sargent does." A young cancer patient.

Getting support from others was crucial. 87% of young people said the support they received from CLIC Sargent Social Workers, psychological services and online was vital in dealing with the emotional impact of cancer and 73% said talking to others with similar experiences helped them to cope.  Read more from our report

Watch our film

Young cancer patients Daisy, Mo and Tyler shared how they felt when the doctor said 'it's cancer' - and talked about the support they received from CLIC Sargent.

Why young cancer patients need Morrisons' support

Nobody thinks it will happen to their child. Until it does. CLIC Sargent provides the vital help to stop cancer destroying young lives. Right now, for every two families we help there is one not currently receiving the support they desperately need. We want to be there for all of them. A partnership with Morrisons will transform this:

People: we'll create a brand new team of CLIC Sargent nurses to educate other health, social care and education professionals close to families’ homes, so that they have the skills and experience to provide the best possible care for young lives against cancer.

Places: we’ll create new Home Hubs close to Specialist Treatment Hospitals, providing a welcoming environment for families to take a much needed break from the intensity of hospital.

Practical things: we'll be able to expand our financial grants to families, so that they can focus on important things like getting well. We’ll also be able to develop a groundbreaking new digital hub, giving thousands of families who we currently can’t support access to advice from healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own home.

Find out more

To find out more about the partnership or how you can get involved, please contact: