Light it up gold

A host of buildings across the UK will light up gold in September 2016 to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Light it up gold

Landmarks across the UK and the world will be lighting up gold in September to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month will see Canary Wharf, Canterbury Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle, among many others, blaze with gold light as part of the Glow Gold celebration. Find your nearest landmark here.

The campaign, supported by many cancer charities including CLIC Sargent, was launched by a group of parents whose families have been affected by childhood cancer.

Group member Emma Barron said: “At Glow Gold September we have worked really hard this year to get as many buildings and landmarks to Glow Gold to raise the profile and awareness of childhood cancer in line with the more well-known adult cancers.

We have been extremely successful with more than 170 iconic buildings nationally and internationally agreeing to support our mission so far.

"We aim to build on this year on year and will be using the publicity surrounding these events to disseminate information on the early warning signs of childhood cancer.

“We are proud to say that CLIC Sargent and many other charities support the Glow Gold September campaign and are unified in their quest to improve the funding, awareness, treatments and ultimately prognosis of children diagnosed with childhood cancer in the future. We look forward to seeing the world Glowing Gold this September and beyond.”