Jess' story

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, here's mum Jess' story about the extra costs her family faced when her two-year-old Luke was diagnosed with cancer, and how support from CLIC Sargent helped them manage. 

Jess' story

“Everybody knows that a trip to the hospital can be expensive. Car parking fees, money for food and drink, and the cost of having time off work all add up. And for cancer patients and their families, this can go on for months, or even years at a time.

Costs of cancer

“My beautiful son Luke was diagnosed with cancer when he was two-years-old. During his treatment we found we needed extra nappies, to do extra washing, that he needed extra sun cream as his skin was prone to burn easily during chemo.

“We found that Luke needed new clothes as his old ones got stained with vomit and blood. There’s the endless food that you buy on your child’s whim in the hope that this is the food that will stay down, and give them some much needed energy. But it usually sits hardly touched because chemotherapy makes everything taste vile.

“It became a massive struggle making ends meet - and we even had to sell my partner’s van for some extra money.”

Support from CLIC Sargent

“We found we were eligible to claim certain benefits. Tamsin, our social worker from CLIC Sargent persuaded us that it was the right thing to do. Then she spent ages with us collecting all the information that we needed to fill the absolutely enormous forms in.

“Luke’s been in remission for almost two years now. I feel so lucky to have our beautiful boy with us and I was so proud when earlier this year he was chosen to front the supermarket Lidl’s fundraising drive to raise £1 million for CLIC Sargent."

Get involved

CLIC Sargent’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September is sponsored by Lidl. This year it’s raising awareness of the impact of cancer on family life, and encouraging people to get together to raise £170 for families like ours, by undertaking a challenge or organising a cake sale.

Jess says: “Please think about getting involved because you can make a massive difference to parents who are doing their best to cope with their worst nightmare right now - take it from someone who knows.”

Lidl UK has raised £1 million for CLIC Sargent and is the lead sponsor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month during September 2016.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2016

This September, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, CLIC Sargent is focussing on the financial impact of cancer. It’s vital families can access the financial support they need.

Stand by young cancer patients and their families - join our Cancer costs campaign and donate online this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.