How Wig Wednesday helps

The money you raise on Wig Wednesday helps CLIC Sargent support children and young people with cancer across the UK. Luke was two when he was diagnosed with cancer, and was supported by CLIC Sargent.

How Wig Wednesday helps

Luke's Story

After two year old Luke was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue sarcoma, a cancer that grows in the muscles or other soft tissue, CLIC Sargent supported him, mum Jess, dad Tim and baby brother Euan.

With their closest primary treatment centre nearly three hours away from their family home, they stayed in CLIC Sargent’s Home from Home Billy’s House.

Jess said; "Luke started his treatment in November. We didn’t come home properly again for three months after that.

[Billy’s House] was clean, and somewhere safe for Luke to stay

in-between treatments too. 

"Because it was so close, if there were any problems we could take him straight back in to the ward, rather than travelling 2 and a half hours from where we live.

CLIC Sargent was also able to support the family by helping to relieve financial strains, including liaising with dad Tim’s workplace.

“We had loads of support from Tamsin, our social worker, who helped us with our finances and Tim’s work. He hadn’t long started in his new job before this all happened. He wasn’t sure about asking for paid leave and didn’t feel comfortable approaching his boss as he hadn’t been there very long, just a month. 

"He was really unsure about his rights. But Tamsin phoned Tim’s boss and said: 'This is the situation we’re in, what can we do?'  His boss and the HR team at his work were great and got things sorted so that he could have some paid leave.”

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nt’s vital services were able to offer the family a little bit of normality and comfort at a difficult time. You can help us offer these services to more families by signing up to
Wig Wednesday 2016.

The money you raise

Here are some of the ways the money you raise through Wig Wednesday helps us make a real lasting difference.

£66 could pay for a family to stay in a CLIC Sargent Home From Home for two nights, so they can be close to where their child is recieving cancer treatment.

£170 is the grant CLIC Sargent gives to families as soon as a a young person is diagnosed with cancer, to stop sudden and unexpected costs becoming a problem.

£210 could pay for a CLIC Sargent Nurse for one day. Our nurses co-ordinate treatment to maximise the amount of time a young person can spend at home. 

£821 could pay for a CLIC Sargent Social Worker for a week, helping young cancer patients and their families cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis. 

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