Health and lifestyle research

CLIC Sargent has partnered with University College London (UCL) to look at the health and lifestyle choices of young people with cancer. Together we are exploring how and when advice about topics such as physical activity and diet should be given out and the kind of information young people with cancer would like to know about. 

Health and lifestyle research

Gemma Pugh, a PhD student at UCL, is carrying out this research as part of her work towards her Doctoral Thesis. Gemma started her PhD in September 2014 and is currently working closely with CLIC Sargent to make sure this project is as successful as possible. 

Take part in the research and you could win!

Complete the Health and Lifestyle Survey and you will be entered into our prize draw to win an Amazon voucher. The first prize is a £50 voucher, second is a £30 voucher and the third draw wins a £15 voucher.

Any young person between the age of 13-24 who has ever had a diagnosis of cancer is eligible to take part.

The answers you provide to this survey will help researchers like Gemma, and charities such as CLIC Sargent, work out the best kind of lifestyle information to give to young people with cancer.

Moving forward

CLIC Sargent and UCL want to create a resource which provides young cancer patients with information and support to make healthy lifestyle changes such as being more active or quitting smoking.

To do this we need to know your opinions, so please complete the survey and help shape the information provided to young people with cancer about lifestyle.