Harry's story

Harry came into the world as a “little miracle” in December 2011. His parents had been through the trauma of six miscarriages before he came along and he was very much wanted – Harry was pregnancy number nine, and his sister was number seven. Harry is helping promote Jasper the CLIC Sargent bear and here is his story.

Harry's story

In July 2015 Harry became ill, and was quickly diagnosed with leukaemia, thanks to the actions of his GP.

Harry’s Mum Rachel told us: “Life changed so much in just 48-hours. I’d been at work then I was lying next to my son watching him have a blood transfusion, seeing him have somebody else’s blood put into his little body.” 

Emotional impact

The emotional impact of cancer on the family, including his older sister has been difficult to deal with but Lucy, their CLIC Sargent Social Worker has helped them through it.

Rachel said: “Lucy is really gentle and soft speaking and practical and I don’t know whether she’s trained to speak like that or it’s just her, but it works. The advice she gives you sticks in your head. I can say anything to her, share any worries, and I’m at complete ease.She makes me think the things I need to do without even saying anything. Lucy is great, they all are.

My daughter Amelia is 10 and it’s been difficult for her too. The Marsden run sibling groups so that she can hang out with other siblings who are going through it. They did a fun day where they got to pretend to be forensic experts and took finger prints. “


Harry’s treatment has affected him and Rachel explains: “His toes have curled up like claws due to nerve damage and his legs are really weak and ache. He’s having physio though and has done amazingly with it. He can get around the house by holding on to things, and we have a special buggy and wheelchair now that makes it easier when we go out. Otherwise he’d be totally burnt out after a little walk.”

Harry is now on maintenance therapy (oral chemo). His CLIC Sargent nurse helps Harry spend as much time as possible, and has visited his school to help teachers and children understand how treatment affects him. 

Rachel said: “Karen is his main CLIC Sargent nurse. She visits to access the port in his chest to clean it, and checks his blood. Last week she visited his playschool to chat to his keyworker as he might start going back soon. Harry was really proud, he and led her in and introduced her to everyone.”

Find out more

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Jasper the CLIC Sargent bear

Harry is helping CLIC Sargent to promote the sale of Jasper, a new soft toy that can be bought at H.Samuel, Ernest Jones and Leslie Davis stores across the UK. Proceeds from sales of Jasper - the 3rd annual cuddly toy available from the three store brands - will be donated to CLIC Sargent.