Families' stories

Families' stories

Keeping families together when they need each other most

Last year alone there were over 1,800 stays in CLIC Sargent Homes from Home, helping families be near to their children during their treatment for cancer. Here are just a few stories from families to give you an idea of what your support means.

Joseph’s story

Joseph was diagnosed with cancer when he was just six months old. His parents were given the devastating news that his chances of survival could be as low as 10%. Within hours of being diagnosed Joseph was beginning his treatment on the cancer ward.

At one point, though, Joseph suffered a serious allergic reaction to his treatment. Naturally his parents, Celine and Steve, wanted to be with their son at this critical time. However, there was only space on the ward for one of them.

So that Celine and Steve could both stay close to Joseph, we offered Steve free accommodation in our Home from Home just a short walk from Southampton Hospital. Having CLIC Sargent’s support helped them to get through this difficult time together as a family.

“It was a 40-mile round trip from home to the hospital. So it was fantastic to be able to stay at the CLIC Sargent Home from Home.” Steve, Joseph’s dad

Faith’s story

“When Faith was diagnosed with neuroblastoma she was only eight weeks old. To remove the tumours in her abdomen she has had to have a number of surgeries in Glasgow, which is over 250 miles away from where we live in Thurso.

“My husband and I would drive to Glasgow, but we’d always need to stay there because you simply can’t make the journey there and back in a single day. Since we live so far away, we benefitted a lot from being able to stay in CLIC Sargent’s Cruachan House free of charge.

“That was great and at weekends, when she was well enough, Faith could stay there too so that the whole family was together. Everything we might have needed was provided so it was fantastic.” Natalie, Faith’s mum