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CLIC Sargent e-Bay Team

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The CLIC Sargent eBay shop is like your favourite high street charity shop but with a global reach.

In 2008 we won the eBay for Charity Selling Excellence Award, and since then we have continued to grow while maintaining our first class record for customer service.

What we sell

We can offer items for sale to the widest audience possible (100,000,000 registered users), ensuring the maximum is made from our donated items.

eBay is great for selling niche and collectable items that might be a hard sell in a shop, but will fly out when presented to the captive global audience of eBay users.

We have sold everything in our eBay shop, from a railway station clock to a set of bagpipes, rare medals to designer handbags, and everything inbetween.

Increasingly, our focus is on themed and celebrity auctions. Our Care with a Bear campaign in 2012 attracted a great array of celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Ricky Gervais and Kylie Minogue. This is a really exciting trend that we will be exploring more fully in the future.

We also receive large corporate donations of items such as computers. We couldn’t sell these in our charity shops but eBay provides a great outlet for us to generate funds from items that might otherwise have been scrapped, improving the green credentials of our partners.

In addition to our main eBay shop, we run the CLIC Sargent eBay Gadget Shop, specialising in phones, MP3 players and other interesting gadgets.

Get involved


You can donate items for sale on eBay through your local CLIC Sargent shop or by bringing it directly to our warehouse in Filton Abbey Wood, Bristol.

If you have items you think may be of particular interest, it may be possible for us to organise collection either by courier or by one of our own vans.

We welcome donations from both individuals and organisations.


Volunteering is fun and enormously rewarding. Whatever your motivation, we welcome volunteers to the eBay team on weekdays between 9am and 4pm.

If you have good computer skills, experience of using eBay, knowledge of coins or stamps or any other specialist interest, please visit our volunteering page to see the latest volunteering opportunities within the eBay team.

Become a community seller

If you already sell on eBay, you can help raise money for CLIC Sargent by becoming a community seller. See our community seller page for more details.

More information

For more information about CLIC Sargent's eBay shop, please contact the CLIC Sargent eBay team on 0117 3148 611 or email: