Children's funeral costs

We are campaigning for a children’s funeral fund, so families don’t have to worry about trying to meet the cost of their child’s funeral at the toughest time.

Children's funeral costs

Too many people can’t afford a funeral when someone they love dies. The death of a child is something that parents are completely emotionally and financially unprepared for.

With two in three parents in debt as a result of their child’s cancer diagnosis, funerals can be a difficult additional cost to bear.

All too frequently, the cost of a funeral imposes a crippling and unmanageable financial burden on grieving families, during what is an already impossible time.

CLIC Sargent thinks families should be able to bury their loved ones with dignity, without having to worry about how they will meet the cost.

What we know

The cost of funerals varies greatly across the country, and can be a huge source of debt and worry to bereaved families.

For some, this may come after a long period of treatment, remission, relapse or repeated relapse, and hit them at the point that they are already deep in debt.

Applying for grants and shopping around funeral directors is incredibly difficult when you’re struggling with grief.

This is why CLIC Sargent is urging the government to create a children’s funeral fund.

With just £10million a year, the government could cover the cost of children’s burial and cremation fees across the UK, relieving a considerable financial burden on grieving parents.

If it hadn’t been for my son’s sports team and the fundraising they did, I would have had to pay for his funeral. Families have to pay for funerals and the cheapest you’re talking is £4,000.

                                                                              Parent of child with cancer

CLIC Sargent is campaigning on this issue with Carolyn Harris, MP for Swansea East and Quaker Social Action, who directly support people struggling with funeral costs through their Down to Earth service and run the national Fair Funerals campaign to tackle the underlying causes of funeral poverty.

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