CLIC Sargent has teamed up with Cashcascade to provide an exciting weekly cash draw for our supporters, with the chance to win up to £50,000!


How does it work?

To join, you simply select five numbers between one and 59 (or choose ‘Lucky Dip’), and select how much you want to donate each month via Direct Debit.

Each week your numbers are checked against the latest winning numbers in the New York State Lottery midweek Lotto draw and, if three or more of your numbers are picked, you win a cash prize! There are also bonus draws every quarter to win £500, as well as a Birthday Booster!

£1 per week could win you £25,000, or £2 per week could win you £50,000!

How do I join?

Simply sign up online or email to request a paper form to complete and return by post.

Why give through Cashcascade?

For ever £1 entry, at least 45p will come directly to CLIC Sargent. This compares favourably against other lotteries, which can have high administration costs.

The donations we receive through Cashcascade will help children, young people and families cope with a cancer diagnosis and its impact. Last year we supported around 6,800 young cancer patients and their families, but at present we can only reach two out of every three young people who need us. With your help, we want to be there for everyone who needs us, and for as long as they need us.

For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you would like to speak to someone about Cashcascade, please contact us on 0845 120 4442.


How does Cashcascade work?

  1. Choose five numbers between one and 59, and enter them in the boxes on your entry form (either online or by post - if you would like a paper form please email Alternatively you can choose ‘Lucky Dip’, and Cashcascade will suggest some numbers for you to approve. Then you choose whether to donate either £1 or £2 per week (donating £2 doubles your prize winnings).
  2. Complete the Direct Debit instruction. You will pay once a month until you cancel, so your lucky numbers never miss an entry deadline.
  3. Each week, Cashcascade checks your numbers against the latest winning numbers in the New York State Lottery midweek Lotto draw (you will not be entering the New York Lottery "Lotto" but selecting numbers predicting its outcome.)

How can I take advantage of the Free Bonus Draws?

You’ll automatically be entered in the Quarterly Seasonal Bonus Draw with a chance to win £500. For the Birthday Booster draw, just go to the Birthday Booster page and fill in your birthday details for a chance to win £100.

How much can I win?

£1 entry =  Match three numbers: £10, Match four numbers: £1,000 and Match five numbers: £25,000.

£2 entry = Match three numbers: £20, Match four numbers: £2,000 and Match five numbers: £50,000.

Is there a minimum age to play?

You must be aged 18 years or older to take part in Cashcascade.

What happens after I sign up?

Cashcascade will confirm your entry by letter. You will then play the draw from the first day of the next month from receipt of first payment.

How do I change my numbers?

If you want to change your five numbers for any reason, please contact Cashcascade by post (Cashcascade, 121 Fundraising Limited, The Wesley Annexe, Jockey Bank, Ironbridge, Telford TF8 7PD) or email Cashcascade will let you know when the change has been made and the first time you will play with those numbers. Cashcascade may not be able to accept certain combinations of numbers; if this is the case they will let you know and suggest an alternative selection.

What if I forget my numbers?

When Cashcascade processes your application, your chosen lucky numbers are stored securely in its database. To retrieve these numbers, please complete the forgotten numbers form and a member of the Cashcascade team will be in touch with a reminder of your numbers.

How will I know if I’ve won?

You will automatically be notified if you win and a cheque will be sent in the post to you. Winning numbers will also be published on the Cashcascade website, and can also be found at For a list of winning numbers and winners you can also send a stamped address envelope to: Cashcascade Winners, 121 Fundraising Limited, The Wesley Annexe, Jockey Bank, Ironbridge, Telford TF8 7PD.

Where can I find more information?

Please visit the Cashcascade website. Alternatively please contact CLIC Sargent Supporter Services on 0845 120 4442 or