Better care campaign

CLIC Sargent is campaigning for health and care system change so that young cancer patients get the best possible care and support.

Better care campaign

Why change is needed

  • We know cancer in a child or young person is rare, so reaching a diagnosis is difficult. But we also know some young cancer patients and their families feel they were not taken seriously or listened to when they first told their doctor something was wrong
  • We know support for young cancer patients to safely spend time close to home during treatment varies dramatically based on where you live
  • We know support for young cancer patients to move on with their lives after cancer treatment is limited
  • We know that young cancer patients do not always get the end of life care they need.

But despite this, the health service does not ask children and young people with cancer, or their families, about their experiences of cancer treatment. And some health professionals feel that treatment and outcomes are not monitored as they should be, so the system cannot take action to improve things.

What our campaign is about

Over the next three years, we’ll work with young cancer patients and their families, health and care professionals, policy makers, politicians and charities to gather evidence and form recommendations for change.

  • Year one - we’ll focus on ensuring the health system is properly equipped to identify cancer in children and young people effectively, as soon as possible
  • Year two – we’ll look at what helps young cancer patients and their families to remain resilient during treatment
  • Year three - we’ll concentrate on support for young cancer patients and their families when moving on from cancer treatment. And on improving access to palliative and end of life care.

How you can get involved

  • Read about the work we have done for year two of the campaign and our report Cancer costs - The financial impact on young cancer patients and their families 
  • Email your MP and encourage them to support the campaign.
  • Email to pledge your support and receive campaign updates 
  • Sign our petition and help bring about change for families facing financial pressures as a result of cancer treatment.