Addie's Story

Addie, 14, from Hertfordshire, was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma in March 2011, when she was nine. Addie and her family had support from CLIC Sargent Social Worker Sam.

Addie's Story

As part of Addie's cancer treatment, she had to have chemotherapy and an operation to remove a large section of shinbone, which was replaced by an extendable titanium bone.

Here Addie talks about her diagnosis and the support she received from her CLIC Sargent Social Worker Sam.

Addie says: "I played a lot of sport but one day while playing football I was kicked in the leg and it was very painful. An x-ray showed there was a problem with the bone in my leg and I was referred for an MRI scan. But before I had a chance to have it I performed a cartwheel and my leg fractured. That’s when I found out I had cancer. 

"I had to start chemotherapy straight away before I had an operation to remove a large piece of my shinbone. The surgeons put in a titanium metal bone in my leg instead and I’ll have to have regular operations as I grow. I tried to stay positive and luckily I didn’t get many of the side effects that often come from having chemotherapy."

Help from CLIC Sargent

"On the first day in hospital Sam, our CLIC Sargent Social Worker, came to us and introduced herself.  She was incredibly friendly and provided us with lots of information about CLIC Sargent and how they could help us. I would say she was my big sister in hospital. She came to see us nearly every day and built up a great relationship with me and my family. Even after my treatment finished she remained close to us and was a really great support through a difficult time.

"I finished my treatment in December 2011 but I still have regular check-ups at hospital. I’m in secondary school now and even though I can’t do as much sport as I used to do there’s plenty of other things I like, including drama, playing the guitar and shopping with my friends. I’m just enjoying being a normal teenager."

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