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About Homes from Home

About Homes from Home

Helping families stay closer together not miles apart

Every day 10 children and young people hear they have cancer. Treatment often starts straight away yet can take a child miles from their home and the love and support of their family… just when they need it most.

Our 10 Homes from Home give families a free place to stay close to principal treatment centres in Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Belfast, Nottingham, Oxford, and Southampton. Find your nearest Home from Home.

Being together can make all the difference

Each family has their own room in a warm, welcoming Home from Home just a short walk from where their child is being treated. Families can stay for as they need to, and, if their child is well enough, they can stay too.

Just being together, doing little things like watching TV, playing in the garden or sharing a family meal can bring back a sense of normality. Sharing facilities such as kitchens and living rooms with other families can be a great source of strength too. See the difference this has made to Faith and Joseph.